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March 29, 2016

Who doesn’t love a good piece of toast (toasted, of course) with some nut butter and little added crunch? ‘Fancy’ toast seems to be the craze these days, and we are in on drinking some of that kool-aid too. A new favorite breakfast in the OMG family has become a piece of extra toasted crusty, whole grain bread smeared with peanut butter and topped with banana and granola, preferably Bad Monkey.

It makes a complete breakfast especially perfect pre or post workout. It’s provides you with a combination of carbs, fats (the good kind), and protein; you want to aim to have all three at every meal. Just make sure to buy whole grain and ditch the white stuff. It doesn’t have the health benefits that whole grains can provide you and won’t keep you as full either.

The best part about toast is that you can get creative: substitute nut butter for yogurt or cottage cheese, drizzle on some honey or date syrup, add preserves or fresh fruit and the list goes on.

Here we have some Justin’s honey peanut butter, a ripe banana and a serving of Bad Monkey. How do you like your toast?

January 15, 2015

Shohreh Vojdani

Co-Founder, Chef

Favorite flavor: Sunrise

Why: It's just so unexpected. I can eat it anytime of day and feel satisfied.

How do you like to eat it: On top of of cottage cheese and fresh peaches.

Guilty pleasure: Panna Cotta!

Favorite meal to make: A roasted chicken cooked at 500 degrees with seasonal vegetables on the bottom. Divine!

Motto in life: Everything in moderation.

Yasaman Vojdani

Co-Founder, VP of Sales and Marketing

 Favorite flavor: Vintage

Why: The pecans...

How do you like to eat it: With Siggi's vanilla yogurt and an excessive amount of seasonal fruit.

Guilty pleasure: Ice cream even if it’s snowing outside. 

Favorite meal to make: I love to make anything healthy and delicious. But probably turkey meatballs and spaghetti squash. 

Motto in life: One day at a time.

Arian Vojdani

Creative Director

Favorite flavor: Starshine

Why: Wait, am I allowed to talk about it yet?

How do you like to eat it: In a bowl of milk.

Guilty pleasure: Too many to count...

Favorite meal to make: This is a hard question. I get excited whenever I find something seasonal or grown/produced by great farmers, but I probably have the most fun with seafood in the kitchen. I make a dish I call ‘Lobster Toast Gratin’ - basically it’s an open faced lobster grilled cheese, which I broil and cover with a bunch of lobster sauce. 

Motto in life: Live life, love long. (And consume as many oysters as possible. [East coast varieties are preferable.])