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June 8, 2015

Eating local has become an important food topic and we are joining in on all the fun. At our core, we are supporters of this movement. Farmers and local vendors carry delicious, fresh, and seasonal produce & products that are hard to find elsewhere.

This season we joined the Central Farm Markets. With three locations in the Maryland area (Bethesda, Pike, and Mosaic), we attend each market once a month. We sell our three core flavors and occasionally offer our seasonal flavors that we have been working on. Stay tuned…we are pretty excited about them!

The best part of joining… introducing Oat My Goodness to people whom love supporting local businesses like ours. And of course, meeting the other wonderful vendors! Come say hi and buy local!

April 17, 2015

A 'Build Your Own Parfait Bar' is our favorite breakfast. We have been spreading the love and word about our granola by encouraging people to start their day healthy and helping to show them that breakfast can be fun and creative. This past Wednesday, we had the opportunity to share our breakfast bar with the talented team behind SoulCycle. We enjoyed talking with them about Oat My Goodness and helping them create their own jars of goodness!

February 4, 2014

Finally, an excuse to the escape the bitter cold out East and enjoy the beautiful 72-degree weather at "˜The Winter Fancy Food Show.'

With granola in hand, we landed in San Francisco excited and overwhelmed at the same time. The Winter Fancy Food Show was our official launch into the market. We were considered a "˜new brand on the shelf,' a company that has been established for less than one year.

The food show turned out to be an exhilarating three days! Our days consisted of taking classes to learn the ropes of the food industry and educating the attendees of the show about Oat My Goodness.  

Walking around the convention center and admiring the success of other specialty food producers within the industry made us excited for the road ahead. I have to admit that exploring the food show was a hazard to my self-control. By simply going 10 feet, I found myself nibbling on chocolate, hummus chips, some gelato, and grabbing a cookie for the trip back to my booth. It was hard to resist all the delicious food, so by the last day I discovered my future strategy "“ no wandering away from our booth!

We made some great contacts, learned from many experienced individuals in the industry, and loved promoting OMG! We are now back in the blistering cold weather and already, we are ready to return to the golden city.